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Windows 7 Free Upgrade worth tens of euros

Members participating in the program update preinstalled Windows Vista to Windows 7, will receive the license itself is free. But if their computer is not assembled in Russia, they will have to pay for delivery of the distribution in Europe. The specific amount depends on what the distributor has chosen PC vendor, and can reach € 60.

Microsoft has provided official comments to the news that the web browser Internet Explorer 6 will be maintained until 2014. Recall that in last Thursday, August 13, to CNews edition of “Microsoft Rus” “strongly encouraged» Windows users to upgrade IE

As already wrote to CNews, to update the preloaded operating system to Windows 7, Microsoft recommends that common and business users, not to enter into software Assurance, buy a PC with Vista, and then upgrade it through their vendors. The license itself at the same time will be free, but the cost distribution, if the computer was not assembled in Russia will have to pay. Since the specific partner company that will take the disc to Russia, choose PC makers, which has pre-installed a previous version of the OS, the prices of these updates vary by vendor.

As told CNews Ekaterina Krymova, a spokesman for the Fujitsu, the Russian user who decides to use the program, in addition to delivery, you will need to pay customs clearance distribution. “I find it difficult to give the exact cost of shipping from Germany, as the payment is not made us, – she says. – But if the program used by German, ordering the drive locally, the update would cost him € 10-15. In the case of Russia the amount, of course, will be higher. ”

“For the Russian people are shipping will cost $ 20.56,” – the exact amount called Anna Bogomaz representative Acer. Oleg Korchagin of the Russian branch of Toshiba, also participating in the program update, in response to a question about the price CNews obtain distribution from Germany brought the price range from € 30 to € 60 depending on the region of Russia. According to him, in Moscow costs about € 35Za delivery free upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows 7 in Europe will have to pay from $ 21.5 to € 60-40.

HP representative Dmitri Efremov said to CNews, that the cost of updating the OS pre-installed on the PC of the company, will be $ 45 for any point of Russia. “This is almost half the cost of OEM-versions of the operating system,” – he added. The above amount is entirely get companies involved in proliferation of discs: the proportion of PC manufacturers are not available. Get the OS update will be starting from October 22, 2009