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Mozilla: Internet Explorer 9 is not a modern browser

Less than a week since the release of Internet Explorer 9 RC, as one of Mozilla employees struck the Microsoft browser, describing its standards compliance. 

In his blog, Pol Ruzhe (Paul Rouget), the Mozilla technical evangelist, decided to write about IE9 compatibility with various standards, and in particular with HTML5. The reason for such action was the recent Rouget table Dean Hachamovitch blog (Dean Hachamovitch), which proudly announced IE9 almost perfect browser for a number of standardized tests compared with other browsers, including Firefox. 

These tests, according to Rouget, are not objective as it would like Microsoft. 

“Does IE9 HTML5 specification by 99%, as Microsoft says? No, the browser is quite far from it. Tests that are referenced by the Microsoft, it has been created in the IE9 development, “Rouge said. It is therefore not surprising that the IE9 RC so well in their work. 

According Rouge, in similar tests from Mozilla, Firefox also works quite well. However, the main use of these tests, according to Rouget, is to check the changes in the browser. In other words, these tests are designed to verify that the changes to the browser does not demolish what has been created to nih.Po test results and, IE9, according to Rouget, far from being a modern browser, as he is trying to give Microsoft. In fact, IE9 does not support more than 15 standard elements. 

According Rouge, the Microsoft is pleased to announce that IE9 supports tags video and canvas, SVG, and some of CSS3. But other developers have done this a year ago. In particular in 2009 Firefox 3.5 already supports video tags and canvas, Geolocation, and SVG. It is not necessary, however, to forget that all of these allegations come from the IE9 address employee Mozilla, and so they obviously contain some bias towards the new browser from Microsoft, as a potential competitor to Firefox. Thus, according to the W3C a series of tests, IE9 compatibility with the standards is not bad, although it is still not exhaustive. Given the years of double standards in the development of web applications for IE, developers will be happy even such support standards from Microsoft.