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Add-in to the conductor (Explorer) for inspection schedules. “Chew” formats are BMP, DCX, GIF, IFF-ILBM, JPEG, PCX, Photo-CD, SoftImage PIC, PNG, PhotoShop PSD, TGA, TIFF and WMF. It allows you to view thumbnail and the size of the selected file, print images, set them as wallpapers and

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A small but very comfortable smotrelka graphic files. Understands BMP, ICO, WMF, EMF, GIF, JPG, PNG and PCX formats. Can arrange a slide show. Understands the file name as a parameter (it is convenient to .bat-files). Understands animated gifs. It does not require installation.

Aladdin Expander 5.0

Quick unpacking and transcoder for the following file formats Arc, Arj (* arj, * pak), BinHex, Gzip, MIME (Base64), UUcode, Zip, and others. Supports Drag-and-Drop. Convenient and easy to use.

FreeZip 1.4.6

t integrates into Windows Explorer and allows you to perform operations put m + selecting commands from the context menu. If you want to protect password zip files, download additional this file (177 KB).

Norton Secret Stuff

It allows you to encrypt one or more files at the same time at the output you get the .exe file that asks for a password at startup. If you encrypt the files are automatically compressed.

The Cleaner

Cleans your computer from Trojans. At this stage, catches Back Orifice, Netbus, IQKiller, WarTools, ICQ Protector and a dozen more. The new version can be updated via the Internet

Windows 7 Free Upgrade worth tens of euros

Members participating in the program update preinstalled Windows Vista to Windows 7, will receive the license itself is free. But if their computer is not assembled in Russia, they will have to pay for delivery of the distribution in Europe. The specific amount depends on what the

Mozilla: Internet Explorer 9 is not a modern browser

Less than a week since the release of Internet Explorer 9 RC, as one of Mozilla employees struck the Microsoft browser, describing its standards compliance.  In his blog, Pol Ruzhe (Paul Rouget), the Mozilla technical evangelist, decided to write about IE9 compatibility with various standards,

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Students Using Technology to Balance School and Work

Balancing your work with your education presents many challenges. But thankfully, technology helps! Technology is a driving force in classrooms. Most teachers and students agree that technology has made their lives better and more balanced.   Besides classroom training, a lot of people are utilizing