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WinTune 98

Test the performance of your computer. At the end of the test, you will receive a message about the found problems (or lack thereof).

Dr. Hardware

The test is a good tool with rich functionality (in most inaccessible in the shareware version). The latest version is already defines Intel-Celeron, and 440BX-chipset.

Ultimate Darts

According to the creators, the only computer simulator darts, which are not sleepy. The full version contains more than 10 variants of the game, it allows you to fight with three other players with different backgrounds, including more than 5 MB of sound effects. Registration – $

Cache View

Utility that allows you to browse Netscape Navigator cache and perform manipulation of files contained in it. For each file shows the RLC size, Last modified, Expiry Date and download. Easy and intuitive interface.

netscape Accelerator

This program – a demo version of the program SuperFasst !, which, in theory, is the “accelerator” Windows. This program has a narrow specialization – it speeds up downloading Netscape Navigator by optimizing disk operations. Actually accelerates! When in normal mode, “Navigator” is loaded 8’10 seconds, then with


It allows you to edit the registry, as well as RegEdit, but using a more convenient navigation. It opens the door to a world of hidden Windows features. Requires: Windows Scripting Host (from


Easy to use and powerful viewer for OLE objects on a computer that is usually hidden deep within the registry. Divides them into categories, so you can easily find what you are looking for.

Sherman’s Lagoon ScreenSaver

Animated screensaver of life underwater inhabitants (with sound effects). You can specify the number, size and speed of movement of marine reptiles. There is a separate version for Windows 3.1.


With this program you can choose from a list of hundreds of radio stations that broadcast over the Internet, some of interest to you on the subject or country. You can add your own stations. The program is able to function, curled up in the system tray.