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$270 Fine Payment in Pennies Rejected by Michigan City

JACKSON, Mich.- A man owing $270 for disobeying environment sanitation rules, wants to make his payment with thousands of pennies but Michigan city authorities have rejected the unusual method of payment. The offender, Brian McGonegal, tried to clear his debt serially by paying 2,700 pennies


Allows you to compare two text files, it is clearly observed differences. User-friendly interface, very configurable. You can use an external editor. In the Pro version, unlike the free version includes an additional opportunity to compare and …


Great-editor to create help files for Windows.Many different functions. It is very convenient for writing Help for your program. Requires: newest Help Workshop

Went fifth version of the mail client The Bat!

The new version of the mail client The Bat! 5 added to dashboards, which display dynamically changing information about the selected mail folders. Through this panel you can make all sorts of contextual actions with folders. For folders and letters pop implemented “smart” tips. When you hover over


A small icon in the system tray. If there is something unpleasant, such as Word hangs and will not save a document that you have edited the last 4 hours, you can shoot a window from a grenade or a machine, rather than banging his fist

Message Manager

ice program that will allow you to customize the screen (message text, type, message, buttons) and output it through a certain number of minutes, or at a certain time.