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$270 Fine Payment in Pennies Rejected by Michigan City

JACKSON, Mich.- A man owing $270 for disobeying environment sanitation rules, wants to make his payment with thousands of pennies but Michigan city authorities have rejected the unusual method of payment.

The offender, Brian McGonegal, tried to clear his debt serially by paying 2,700 pennies which is equivalent to $27 in instalments. The bizarre form of payment has, however, been rejected, and he has been told to make his payments in rolls. In an interview with Jackson Citizen Patriot, McGonegal said, he was fined for keeping rubbish in his backyard and paying in pennies, is his means of showing his displeasure.

Randy Wrozek on Tuesday said, “The situation is unbecoming. This man comes in every day with about five minutes left to end the day’s work carrying a sack filled with coins and expects the money to be counted by the officials which is impossible.” He added that the statement of debt would be forwarded to Jackson and affixed as an incumbrance on McGonegal’s house. “My decision to pay my fine in pennies is intentional. The city officials are going to the extreme just to paint a perfect picture of Jackson,” said McGonegal.